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15 Oct 2021

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Have a fang-tastic Halloween with these ready-to-play kahoot treats for any celebration

How are you celebrating Halloween this year? Whether with students, friends, families or colleagues, Kahoot! Academy (the Hallow-queen of content) is here to provide you with some fa-boo-lous kahoots for any celebration. Let’s have some skele-fun with our Kahoot! online Halloween games!

Trick or treat yo-self this Halloween, whether celebrating in-person or virtual, with ready-to-use kahoots from Verified educators and Premium partners – at home, at school or at work! Check out the full Halloween collection on Kahoot! Academy or find a kahoot below that meets your Halloween goals. 

With your math class

Make your math class spooktacular with these kahoots from Premium partner Disney Imagination Campus and Verified educator Aimee Copple! Solve word problems, use place value to compare and order numbers and practice your fractions with these Halloween-themed math kahoots.

online Halloween games

Compare and Order Numbers

Practice using place value to compare and order whole numbers up to 1,000 using comparative language, numbers, and symbols with this kahoot from Verified educator Aimee Copple. 

With your history class

Give your history class pumpkin to talk about with these kahoots from Premium partner Britannica and Verified educator Mr. Arntson. Test your knowledge about the ancient origins of Halloween and find out some haunting facts!


A fun Kahoot about Halloween history and tradition from Premium partner Britannica.

With your ELA class

Wish your students a happy Howl-oween with these ready-to-use kahoots from Premium partner Mrs Wordsmith and Verified educator Aimee Copple. Practice ordering adjectives, identifying nouns and verbs and learning some frighteningly spooky vocabulary!


Are you ready for this Halloween spook-fest? The vocabulary in this quiz from Premium partner Mrs Wordsmith is frighteningly good.

Nouns and Verbs

Practice identifying if a word is a noun or a verb and identify nouns and verbs within a sentence with this kahoot by Verified educator Aimee Copple.

With your colleagues  

Whether connecting with your colleagues virtually or in-person, these kahoots from Verified educators Mohammed Abo Hassan and Shaia Belt are sure to creep it real this Halloween. Learn fun facts about Halloween history and traditions or lift your spirits with some laughter!

online Halloween games


Recognize some amazing facts about Halloween with this kahoot by Verified educator Mohammed Abo Hassan.

online Halloween games

A Halloween Joke Puzzle

Can you unscramble the answeres to these halloween jokes? Try out this kahoot from Verified educator Shaia Belt!

Just for fun

We know that ghouls just want to have fun, and so do you, so whether you’re celebrating with friends or family, or you’re just pumpkin spicing things up, these kahoots from Verified educator Kris Baker and Kahoot! Academy should be wicked awesome.

Halloween around the world 👻🌎

Nowadays Halloween is celebrated by more people than ever before. Find out more about the different traditions and celebrations of some countries on this day of the year in this Kahoot! Academy kahoot!

We are witching a Happy Halloween to Kahoot!ers around the world! 

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