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11 Nov 2021

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Share gratitude this Thanksgiving season with ready-to-use kahoots from Kahoot! Academy

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or simply reflecting on what you’re thankful for, Kahoot! Academy is here to support students, friends, family or colleagues, in dedicating some time (and fun!) to practicing gratitude and learning about Thanksgiving by playing our Kahoot! Thanksgiving games online.

This Thanksgiving season, reflect on what you’re thankful for and learn about the holiday’s traditions with ready-to-use kahoots from Verified educators and Premium partners. Explore the full Thanksgiving and gratitude collection on Kahoot! Academy! and play our Thanksgiving games online!

Express gratitude 

Expressing gratitude is always the right attitude, especially this time of year. Learn about what gratitude is, notice what you’re thankful for, and practice appreciating the little things in life, with these kahoots from Premium partners Empatico, Disney and NGPF.

thanksgiving games online

Gratitude Gathering

Use this kahoot from Premium partner Empatico to facilitate a gratitude gathering with your students. 

Practice kindness

Kindness is contagious! Explore the benefits of being kind, practice scenarios of how to demonstrate kindness to others, and learn ways to be kind to yourself, with these kahoots from Premium partners TIME for Kids, Peppy Pals and Khan Academy’s LearnStorm

thanksgiving games online

Studying Kindness

A group called Kindlab studies the science of kindness. Use this quiz from Premium partner TIME for Kids to introduce the topic of being kind. 

Being Aware of Others' Feelings

This quiz from Premium partner Peppy Pals help students learn to understand and be aware of other people’s feelings, and to share with others. 

Learn Thanksgiving facts

How much do you know about Thanksgiving? Find out interesting facts, such as what year it became an official U.S. holiday, where the first Thanksgiving was celebrated and more, with these kahoots from Premium partner Britannica and Verified educator Ruby Mazur!

thanksgiving games online


A fun holiday kahoot from Premium partner Britannica about Thanksgiving as celebrated in the United States.

Just for fun

Whether you are a football fan, love Thanksgiving-themed kahoots or are just craving some more knowledge (as well as pie!), these kahoots from Premium partner Mrs Wordsmith and Kahoot! Academy are sure to be (ful)filling. 

thanksgiving games online

Thankful for vocabulary... and tasty food!

What does the Thanksgiving holiday mean to you? Food? Family? An excuse to nap all day and watch TV? Take this turkey day quiz from Premium partner Mrs Wordsmith for a gobble gobble good time!

We are grateful for all Kahoot!ers around the world!

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