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1 Dec 2021

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Share your Kahoot! scores on Instagram to make learning even more fun with friends

Connect with your friends in a brand new way when you share your latest Kahoot! score directly to Instagram from the Kahoot! mobile app! The new feature is now available on iOS and Android.

If you’re a Kahoot!’er, you probably know that learning is best when you can enjoy your successes with friends! Now, you can share that feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a kahoot with all your friends, family and community on Instagram!

With this new feature, now available on the Kahoot! mobile app for iOS and Android, you can share your Kahoot! score directly to Instagram after each live kahoot you play, no matter where you place in the rankings. Celebrate all your Kahoot! triumphs—everything from completing a particularly brain-busting kahoot to making it into the top 5 scores, or even reaching that coveted top spot on the podium!

Play a live kahoot on the mobile app with your friends, family, classmates or co-workers to unlock an Emote at the end. These Emotes are fun and colorful images that display the kahoot you just completed and your total points earned. Throughout the year, you can even find special Emotes for holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas and more.

You can now save your Emotes to your device or share it on social media, including with your friends, family and followers on Instagram!

Share your Emotes to recommend awesome kahoots to your friends and inspire them to join in your next live kahoot session. And when you follow the Emotes your friends and fellow Kahoot!’ers share, you can discover brand-new kahoots to play (and challenge yourself to beat their high scores!).

How to share your Kahoot! score on Instagram

Follow these simple steps to share your kahoot results right to your Instagram story:

  1. Download the Kahoot! mobile app, or open the app if already downloaded.
  2. Join and play a live kahoot with your friends, family or colleagues. You can even invite your Instagram followers by posting a game PIN!
  3. After completing the kahoot, the app will randomly generate an Emote showing your results.
  4. Tap the Instagram icon at the bottom of your screen to share your Emote to your Instagram story (Note: you must have the Instagram app downloaded on your mobile device for the icon to appear).

Tag friends you played with or want to challenge next time, and tag us at @kahoot on Instagram to show off your score!

Sharing your Kahoot! results is also a great way to document your progress as you level up your learning. Whether you’re playing with friends and family, classmates or co-workers, sharing your scores can help you keep each other motivated and excited for the next learning challenge!

Are you ready to bring your A-game? Get the Kahoot! app today, and let’s play!