At Kahoot!, we want to make learning awesome for everyone, no matter where they are learning or what language they speak. To make the Kahoot! experience even more accessible and inclusive for learners around the world, we are thrilled to announce that the Kahoot! app is now available in Arabic! Starting today, millions of Arabic-speaking users worldwide can create, play and discover kahoots in their own language.

Arabic has been one of the most requested languages for Kahoot! to support. In the last 12 months, millions have used Kahoot! in Arabic speaking countries.

Embark on a learning journey in Arabic!

Want to try out Kahoot! in Arabic today? You can download the Kahoot! app on Android or iOS, or go to and create an account. 

If you already have a Kahoot! account, and want to switch your chosen language, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Update the app to the latest version, or download it on your iOS or Android device if you haven’t installed it before*.
  2. The app will detect your device language and switch to that automatically.
  3. If your device language is different, tap the profile icon within the app.
  4. From your profile page, tap the cog icon to open settings.
  5. Select your language from the Language dropdown.

* If you are a teacher, you might need to reach out to your school’s technology administrator and ask to update the app version on students’ devices.

Arabic will now be enabled, and you can discover awesome ready-to-use content or create amazing kahoots for your students, work team or family and friends in Arabic!

Enhance engagement in the classroom with Kahoot! 

Since its launch in 2013, Kahoot! at school has been introduced at schools and universities as a digital platform to increase engagement in learning. Today, more than 9 million educators worldwide use Kahoot! to make learning awesome in the classroom. Currently, over 10,000 educational institutions have already deployed site licenses to elevate learning with Kahoot! across the entire school or school district. 

Professor Mohammed Abo Hassan, a senior teacher of English in Bahrain and Kahoot! Academy educator, explains how he uses Kahoot! to bring game-changing engagement into his classes.

“Kahoot! sparks fun and engagement for students everywhere. In my classroom, Team Mode is sure to bring the “wow factor” for instruction and collaboration,” said Hassan. “Since we have still been teaching remotely, Daily K!offee Kahoot! Sessions with my students builds community, connection and relationship across my classes and groups. Students love to play using Kahoot! on their personal devices, fully engaged and excited. In fact, students ask to play daily!”

Check out some of the first kahoots available in Arabic from Kahoot! Studio Arabic, and those created by Mohammed Abo Hassan and fellow Kahoot! Academy Verified educator Radwan Bouziane