On a scale from 1-to-10, how excited are you for this new Kahoot! question type? Full points if you said 10, partial points for any answer above 8! 

Kahoot! now provides a way for players to answer questions just like this! Our new interactive Slider question type will now make it possible to answer questions with numbers in a range with custom units of measurement.

A wide range of possibilities

Whether you’re in the classroom, boardroom, or hosting an event with friends, subjects from math and history to general trivia and business are made more engaging with Slider. Enable players to guess a number such as the year of a historic event or the price of a product and answer math problems with partial points awarded to players close to the correct answer.

Need more ideas for how to use this new question type?

  1. Make math class more engaging by providing more than four possibilities of correct answers to questions like:
    • What is 4 x 7?
    • How many seconds in an hour?
    • What is the exact value of pi?
  2. Find out how accurately players know their history by making them guess in a range of years when exactly were historical events such as:
    • The end of World War 2
    • Woodstock Music Festival
    • The first Moon landing
  3. Explore new ways to play for trivia night and add a new dimension with trivia questions like:
    • How tall is the empire state building?
    • What is the current 1000 Meter men’s running record?
    • How many countries are there in the world?

              You can try out the new Slider question type today with Kahoot! Premium, Premium+, and EDU. Slider will also be available on Kahoot!+ and Kahoot! 360 plans this summer.

              If you like the new question type or have any feedback for us, we’d be happy to hear what you think, so let us know on Twitter!