We all know the feeling of ‘first-day jitters’. Back-to-school season is a time filled with so many new experiences that can be exciting and overwhelming for teachers and students alike. New faces, new names, and new learning opportunities. That’s why we want to help you show up for success with our ‘Countdown to Back-to-School’. This line-up is packed with resources to make you feel confident about connecting with your students in a new way! With weekly teacher tutorials, kahoot challenges, and live streamed demos, you can learn all about how to use these great kahoot features in the classroom. Tune in to win back-to-school swag packs and upgraded Kahoot! subscriptions! Play each one of our weekly Kahoot! challenges to climb the leaderboard for a chance to win an Amazon gift card to clear your back-to-school shopping list!

Go to our ‘Countdown to Back-to-School’ page to get started and check out our back-to-school kahoots and other resources created by our Kahoot! Academy Verified creators and partners, or use these kahoot templates to get to know your students and introduce yourself to your class!

Can’t wait for the weekly updates to learn all about our latest features? Read on for a sneak peek of what’s coming up!

New question types for more interaction

We are constantly listening to what teachers in the classroom are asking for, and these new question types are in direct response to that feedback! We are thrilled to introduce these new question types just in time for back-to-school:

Drop pin: Gather opinions by dropping a pin on an image. 

From social-emotional learning to geography and biology, students can answer questions by identifying a specific location on an image of a map, a human body, or a spectrum of feelings. 

Slider: Answer questions with a number on a scale

Custom units of measurement for numbers in a range allow students to answer questions about the date of important historic events, the population of a certain country, or simple math problems while giving partial points for close answers.

6 answer options: More possibilities for quiz and poll questions

No longer limited to only 4 answers, quizzes and poll questions can contain more possible responses to be more comprehensive. Make quiz questions more difficult with more incorrect answers or gather a wider array of feedback with poll questions.  

Try them out for yourself with this kahoot all about what’s new for back-to-school this year! 

Did someone say Game Modes?! (coming soon!)

That’s right! We’re launching a totally new way to play a kahoot! Our new game modes (coming soon!) allows students to use correct answers to progress towards a mission. Whether it be as an entire team, teams challenging each other, or one-on-one competition, game modes offer a new way to learn through play. We’ll be launching one exciting game mode very soon and we will be constantly working to develop new game modes for upcoming releases! 

Empower your class with Kahoot! Student passes (coming soon!)

Now your students can access all the same great features you can, and create their own kahoots! Turn learners into leaders and give your students the tools to create interactive presentations for the class with access to all of our question types and slide layouts. Enable them to learn independently while they explore our award-winning learning apps that can be accessed by simply scanning a QR code. During productive breaks and self-study time, students can play games and have fun while learning math, reading, and even how to play chess! These incredible learning apps are no longer just for use at home!

We are so excited about all these new features coming for back-to-school! Go to our ‘Countdown to Back-to-School’ page where we will be giving you an in-depth look at each of these new features every week! Our teacher ambassadors will also be sharing tips and tricks for how to use their favorite features in their weekly ‘Feature Focus’ videos! Try them out for yourself by playing our kahoot challenges and joining our live streams with any questions you may have as we demonstrate all the latest back-to-school tools!