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6 Sep 2022

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New on Kahoot! Power up learning with new Marvel kahoots featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, and the X-Men

Make a Super Hero take-off this back-to-school season with new science, social emotional learning, and other kahoot collections featuring fan-favorite characters from Marvel comics.

Want to get your kids excited to learn biology, nutrition science, social emotional skills and more, and keep engagement flying high all year long? Get ready to assemble your crew of learning heroes for new collections of kahoots featuring beloved Marvel characters from The Avengers, X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy comics.

Suit up, science Super Heroes!

STEM is at the heart of many Super Hero origin stories (watch out for those lab accidents!), and many Super Heroes are scientists themselves. Inspire Marvel fans of any age to get curious and flex their knowledge of both science and the Avengers universe with these kahoots! Play the full collection here.

Marvel img2

Avenger or Science

Test your knowledge about Marvel’s Avengers and Science in these quick and fun kahoots for science and Marvel fans alike!

Super social emotional learning to the rescue!

Super Hero training isn’t all about strength and speed. It’s also about learning to be your best self from the inside out. Marvel characters have experienced some big emotions and learned important lessons through their adventures, and now you can get inspired by their stories in a new way. With these kahoots, you can practice and teach anger management skills alongside the Incredible Hulk, explore self-confidence with Iron Man, and more! Play the full collection here.

Marvel img4

Embrace your Emotions

In this series of kahoots, students will learn skills to deal with various emotions and personality traits. The characters of Marvel will help show you how to be your best self.

Take biology to the next level 

Is making learning awesome in your DNA? Learn about genetic mutations with the help of the ultimate team of mutants—the X-Men! Discover different types of gene mutations and how they can be passed on from one generation to another with this kahoot collection. Play the full collection here.

Marvel img3

X-Men Mutations Mania

Learn about the different types of mutations and the ways in which these mutations may be inherited in this set of kahoots perfect for any biology class learning about Punnett squares! 

Feed your curiosity about nutrition science 

Join Rocket and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy to learn more about plant and animal nutrition. From photosynthesis to the digestive system, these kahoots will make learners of any age hungry for more! Play the full collection here.

Looking for even more ready-to-use Marvel kahoots for legendary learning at home, in the classroom, or on-the-go? Check out Marvel’s profile page on Kahoot! Academy and stay tuned for more Marvel content coming soon!

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