Whether playing Kahoot! with your class or at home with your family, every player can create fun and quirky characters to be as unique as they are! Choose from up to 700 different combinations of illustrated characters and accessories to express yourself! Feel like being an astro-pup, a scholarly panda, or a football-playing hamburger? The only limit is your imagination! Your Kahoot! character will celebrate your successes as you climb the leaderboard and do your victory dances when you make it to the podium!

Raindeers and polar bears and gingerbread cookies, oh my!
The holiday season is here, and to support this we have created special edition Holiday characters including a red-nosed reindeer, a festive polar bear, and even a yummy gingerbread cookie. This is the perfect way to play your Holiday kahoots

How to create Kahoot! characters
All you have to do to start creating your own Kahoot! character is to start a live game and enable the Characters feature in the settings menu! As players start joining, they will be automatically assigned a character that they can customize by selecting the pencil icon in the top left corner and choosing from all the different options of characters and accessories!


Our premium Kahoot! characters are available now for all users, free for a limited time! Personalize play this Holiday season, with more characters and accessories coming soon! Don’t forget to share your unique creations with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok!