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2 Nov 2022

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Kahoot! WorkMeetup 2022 Recap: Turning employee engagement into performance

At this year’s Kahoot! WorkMeetup, we were thrilled to connect with business professionals and leaders from around the world to join insightful discussions on ways to engage employees in the future of work!

Interactive presentations, insightful discussions, and stories lit up the screens of professionals all over the world. This year’s Kahoot! WorkMeetup was an event to remember– all about boosting performance through employee engagement, and how Kahoot! can help.

If you couldn’t join and would like a recap of the sessions, read on or sign up to watch all of the talks on-demand. If you tuned in or registered, then you’ll receive a link right to your inbox.

This year we were joined by some great speakers, hearing from industry experts and exciting customer success stories! And, of course, we played some awesome kahoots with three lucky podium winners walking away with Kahoot! licenses.

What is the most valuable thing you learned at the WorkMeetup


Employee engagement insights hot off the press

With over 3,500 registrants, we kicked off this year’s event with a sneak-peek into some surprising stats from our latest Workplace Culture Report.

James Micklethwait, VP Kahoot! At Work, revealed recent employee engagement trends and insights. 

The survey that collected data from 1,635 enterprise workers in the U.S, showcased that the shift to hybrid ways of working has resulted in a high level of disengagement in virtual meetings. 

Unlocking the potential of the distributed workforce with Kahoot!

The research uncovered eye-opening statistics about what people are actually doing when they switch their video off. So what were some of these stats that James shared?

  • 35% of workers report that they’re not ‘often mentally engaged’ in virtual meetings
  • 58% of workers are holding onto valuable information that could benefit their colleagues
  • More than 3 in 4 employees said they would highly value an engaging way to share information
  • 80% of non-desk workers do not have an email address, with employers investing very little in technology to engage these workers.

Overcoming these challenges 

With these stats in mind, James laid the foundation for how important it is to make learning fun and easy for both creators and learners using techniques like gamification. 

This is where the value of Kahoot!’s interactive presentations come in: combining slides with discussion questions like polls, word clouds and brainstorms, so that leading companies around the world can engage remote audiences in team meetings, all-hands meetings, and company events. 

Kahoot! market research collaboration with Researchscape

This insightful research transitioned nicely into the first of our demo presentations. If you found this talk intriguing and hoped to learn more, don’t worry! You can download the full report. Inside, you can explore the current landscape of employee engagement, company culture, and corporate learning.

Click here to watch-on-demand today.



Engage your employees in friendly competition with Kahoot!

After a great introduction to the event, we then dived deeper into the first of our product demos, starting with Kahoot! 360. Our Director of Product, Osama Hanif demonstrated the incredible ways that Kahoot! can engage a distributed workforce by introducing some friendly competition! 

“Employees need the right context, information, and knowledge to do well in their job, and Kahoot! helps them to accomplish that in an engaging way.” – Osama Hanif

If you missed the demo, sign up to watch-on-demand and see it in action! There you’ll also find great discussions on the power of Kahoot! Courses.

While participants love the engagement and energy of a live kahoot, many customers want to extend that beyond stand-alone live sessions and apply it to a continuous learning process with courses. Both are now possible with Kahoot! 360, and what better way to demonstrate this than from our customers themselves?

Customer success stories: Introducing Atea

We were thrilled to invite the Atea Group, a top IT infrastructure solutions company, to share their insights into how Kahoot! has helped them to prolong event engagement and strengthen partner relations. 

Director of Strategic Partners at Atea, Chris Ashby shared how Kahoot! has enabled them to train over 7,000 employees and made their partners a greater part of their company culture.

A whopping 36,000+ kahoots were completed asynchronously in a span of three weeks, with Atea’s CEO challenging everyone to complete as many kahoots as he had, boosting competitiveness!

“Once it started, the momentum picked up fast, and it became contagious….It exceeded my expectations.” – Chris Ashby

Click here to watch-on-demand today.



How to make learning fun, easy, and rewarding for everyone with Motimate

Next up, we had a great product demo from the Product Manager at Motimate, Stian Clementsen, who shared all about the easy mobile learning app and how it can bring together a world full of knowledge.

Stian showcased to all our wonderful attendees just how easy Motimate makes self paced learning a fun, and rewarding experience not only for employees but also for training creators by walking them through making their first Moti!

Motimate interface

Some great takeaways were that using Motimate you can easily create and deliver engaging learning content directly to your employees on their mobile devices, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

“Employees are our most valuable asset. If they fall behind on training then they can’t deliver against their full potential.” –  Stian Clementsen

Customer success stories: Introducing Statkraft

Senior Adviser Online Learning, Uwe Spangler at Statkraft, Norway’s largest energy producer , delivered an engaging discussion on how Motimate is helping them develop their internal learning resources across borders and languages to share knowledge and performance tips. 

Over 56,000 courses were completed in the last year alone from the 230 courses published, seeing retention rate hit 70% in the last 90 days! That’s a lot of learning!!

Click here to watch-on-demand today.



Employee engagement in a non-desk world

After taking part in some awesome kahoots during the break, our host handed over to the final product demo of the event run by our speaker Steffen Kongstoft, Customer Success Director at Actimo.

Steffen uncovered how organizations can dramatically increase their performance by putting employee engagement in the front seat of their strategy.

‘Only 21% of employees worldwide are engaged’ – Source: State of the Global Workplace (Gallup, 2022)

Actimo is an employee app which helps to connect your non-desk workforce by effectively sharing important updates, and letting them be a part of the conversation.

Actimo app

Customer success stories: Introducing Tivoli

We were lucky to be joined by Tivoli, a world-renowned amusement park located in the heart of Copenhagen, to discuss how Actimo helps them increase employee engagement and productivity for non-desk employees.

Learning Consultant at Tivoli, Jesper Josiassen, walked us through Tivoli’s exciting employee engagement story, engaging 1,500+ non-desk employees daily with Actimo. He added, “It’s worth it because you get engaged, motivated, and happy employees.”

Jesper shared that their employees are automatically assigned a profile in Actimo when joining to help them onboard and get to know their team members, using the Social Wall, for example, to keep everyone connected. 

[Imagery of the social wall in action]

“We created a Christmas calendar using Actimo, it’s a great way to drive engagement. Everyday in December there will be a new quiz to enter and one lucky winner gets a really nice prize! Last year it was a huge success.” – Jesper Josiassen

Click here to watch-on-demand today.



Cultivating lifelong learners

Driven by our values and purpose, we’re on a mission at Kahoot! to improve lifelong learning, so we were very excited to be joined by a panel of industry experts who share the same passion. 

“We need to keep work interesting for people and make them feel comfortable to ask for things outside of the box.” – Chris Ashby

Moderated by our Director of Pedagogy, Louisa Rosenheck, the panel discussed how we could build lifelong learning skills and make them an integral part of company culture.

“What we call soft skills are really the hard skills because they are what makes change happen.” – Uwe Spangler

Some of the main takeaways from our speakers looked at the importance of creating authentic learning experiences. Louisa added, “What we see is that people inherently enjoy learning. It’s not an extra thing; it’s why you are there.”

Don’t forget to catch up on the recording if you missed it or if you’d like to listen again! Hear our panelists discuss initiatives around building lifelong learning skills, opportunities, and more!


Our keynote speaker: Think different! How L&D can revolutionize employee engagement

After an incredible event so far, we ended this year’s WorkMeetup with a highly engaging session from the CEO at Shackleton Consulting Ltd and author Nick Shackleton-Jones, which received some great real-time feedback in our final wrap-up Kahoot!

“People’s cares govern what they remember. Unless we know what people care about, we can’t succeed.” – Nick Shackleton-Jones

This keynote session was all about how we can shift from forgettable educational experiences to memorable learning ones. Our host got involved with a 60-second challenge, and the session ended with everyone drawing portraits. If you missed it, you’ll have to find out why!

“We need to build resources and experiences. Experiences should challenge people and people remember challenges!”

We were delighted to hear Nick say how Kahoot! is one way to deliver a learning experience which people remember. 

Take me to watch-on-demand.


We hope to see you next time!

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed this event and that it has given you new tools to use at work. We look forward to seeing you at our next Kahoot! WorkMeetup.