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8 Nov 2022

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Build future-ready financial literacy with Intuit on Kahoot! Academy

Help students feel empowered as they grow real-world personal finance skills with this new collection of compelling kahoots from Intuit, now available to play for free on Kahoot!.

For students getting ready to step out into the world as young adults, managing money can be one of the most daunting new responsibilities. Where do you start? How can you make positive decisions for your financial future? The good news is that financial literacy skills can empower young people and help them establish healthy money habits for life

But how do you make learning about personal finance awesome? Now, it’s easier than ever with Intuit’s brand-new collection of kahoots on Kahoot!

To support educators and learners in taking personal finance education to the next level, Kahoot! Academy is partnering with Intuit, a global technology platform with a mission to help users achieve financial confidence. Intuit works to use their expertise and products, including TurboTax, Credit Karma, Mint, QuickBooks and Mailchimp, to help students develop the knowledge and skills they’ll need to manage their money well, in addition to building job readiness and entrepreneurial skills.

“When we first built our job readiness strategy, we actually started by identifying problems being faced by students and faculty that we felt based on our products and methodologies that we could solve,” said Dave Zasada, VP of Corporate Responsibility at Intuit. “So, we decided to help students become job-ready through the development of finance and entrepreneurship skills, as well as help educators become more confident in teaching and evaluating these skills.”

By playing the kahoots in this new collection from Intuit, learners can explore key topics like building good credit, saving for emergencies, understanding taxes, managing a bank account and even how to talk with family about money.


Filing Taxes

Learn about filing personal income taxes with this kahoot by Intuit!

“We want to meet teachers where they are and integrate our resources with tools that they trust,” Zasada continues. “Intuit’s partnership with Kahoot! will allow us to create financial literacy games that are relatable, engaging, and accessible to everyone.”

Inspire your students to become money management mavens by playing Intuit’s collection of kahoots today on Kahoot!