Empowering student interest and motivation is a crucial step toward comprehension and retention of classroom content. One way to level up this access to learning is to embed play-based learning for classroom instruction and lesson delivery! The all-new Treasure Trove game mode on Kahoot! helps to foster student interest and autonomy through arcade-like player experiences.

Treasure Trove fosters a self-paced player versus player experience! Students engage with classroom curriculum through kahoot question formats to develop content knowledge and expertise! After a series of questions, player screens then transform to a fast-paced, treasure hunting game, captivating student interest and building focus with this reaction-oriented arcade game! Read on to learn how teachers around the world are using Treasure Trove for powerful play and awesome learning! Kahoot! Ambassador,Brian Heisey, a middle school teacher in Pennsylvania, USA suggests that a lesson in “gamified” learning helps his students both engage and immerse into the learning experience! Together, his class learns that “gamification involves the concepts of gaming while learning”.

Unlock treasure and tricky concepts

While students may think they’re in full on arcade-mode, Treasure Trove camouflages learning throughout gameplay with short, self-paced question sets. As students accumulate correct answers, screen play is transformed! Gems and jewels blaze across the screen as students capture and collect as many as they can! Brian’s students loved this new game mode, he says, “ they were able to not only review for a test, but have fun while doing it!”.

Measure progress over performance

With each acquired treasure, players’ on-screen meters tick up and up. Stage fright? Buzzer beater pressures? Not to worry. Visible performance only reflects the size of each students’ Treasure Trove, not content correctness or accuracy! Hosts and teachers only see answer responses within Reports, keeping data collection and assessment private.

Capitalize on competitive spirit

Treasure Trove game modes ensure students are working at their own pace, moving through concepts and questions without the stress of a ticking timer or pressuring peers. The camaraderie of the Podium is not lost, though! Treasure meters help students visualize their success, sharing celebrations from one classmate to the next! With progress and performance in view…and not points…the competitive spirit is full-hearted and collaborative! Game set-up also allows for extra teacher input and strategy, too! Brian suggests “setting the time limit for a game, allowing the teacher to know exactly how much time the game will take and, as the time counts down, build up the excitement!”.

How many jewels and gems can you collect? Select “Treasure Trove” as a game mode for live play, and level up awesome and engaging learning for any content area or lesson type! Treasure Trove is available now all Premium+ and Kahoot! EDU users. To play Treasure Trove, login today to upgrade your account.