How do you win the hearts of Gen Z and Millennials? The answer is as simple as it is difficult: by taking their engagement to the next level! 

YPulse, a leading youth insights and intelligence platform, this week published insights from their YPulse’s brand data tracker. This brand equity tracker measures 13-39-years-old’s affinity for over 800 brands across various diagnostics—including what brands they think are cool

We are proud to see that Kahoot! is perceived as the third coolest brand among young people in Western Europe, ahead of both Apple, Coke, TikTok and Instagram!

We would like to thank our community of teachers, content creators and learners of all ages, who use Kahoot! in their everyday lives to spark joy and passion for learning through friendly competition. Our close relationship with this community is absolutely vital to us, as these are the true advocates that help us spread positivity about our brand by hosting or participating in sessions on our platform and sharing the experience with friends and families.

The unique recognition and strength of Kahoot!’s brand has been built solely on the engagement the Kahoot! experience provides, with word-of-mouth and viral distribution. It is our awesome community and product that does the job, sparking engagement and appetite for learning.

So what’s the secret? 

We believe in constant innovation and improvement. Since our launch, ten years ago, we have always strived to implement our boldest ideas into the platform, adding a broad selection of learning content, new features and game modes, as well as gradual innovations to make our platform more accessible and inclusive for learners and professionals of all ages.  

We believe in creativity and making learning social. The constant evolution of our platform enables our users to find creative ways to use Kahoot!. While some create kahoots for their weddings, birthday parties, or for hosting trivia and board game nights with friends, others find benefits from the engagement and social aspect of Kahoot! as they take the experience into their workplace. 

We believe in empowering the learner. One of the most important qualities in life is curiosity and a love for learning. That is why the fundamental idea behind Kahoot! is to boost engagement, participation, and motivation through competitive, game-based learning experiences. It’s all about empowerment and learner-centricity, whether it is in the classroom, the board room or the living room. That’s when educators and learners create magical moments together—powered by Kahoot!. 

The combination of these elements adds up to next level engagement and love from our users of all ages, not just GenZ and Millenials. Amazing feedback, such as the recent YPulse ranking, boosts our motivation to continue building products that people love and grow with from classrooms, to the workplace, and through remarkable and unique moments in life. That’s how Kahoot! is making learning awesome.