At Kahoot! we are driven by our purpose–to make learning awesome, and by awesome we mean engaging, fun, social, and impactful! While the high activity level on our platform, the smiling faces, and enthusiasm are a testament to the first three, the impact on learning outcomes must be measured more scientifically.

I would like to thank researchers around the world that dedicate time and resources to analyzing the effect of using Kahoot! for learning. Recently we received a study, published in Education and Information Technologies, that confirms that “Kahoot! is a didactic tool that improves students’ learning and is reflected in their official marks” – this time in financial accounting in higher ed. This followed another recent study from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The research team analyzed whether there was an influence between the average score obtained through Kahoot! and the rest of the official marks, to determine whether exercises through games served to improve the academic performance of bachelor students in financial accounting classes at University of Murcia, Spain. The answer was yes! They discovered a significant and positive correlation between the two, suggesting a relationship between engagement, motivation, and having fun and learning outcomes and classroom dynamics. The findings also highlighted the value of continuous assessment tests.

Studies like these confirm that Kahoot! is indeed on the path to make learning awesome, and motivate us to continue innovating for even deeper and more impactful learning experiences going forward!