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27 Apr 2023

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New! Disney and Pixar content now available in Kahoot!+ AccessPass

Create inspiring learning moments with beloved Disney and Pixar characters in these kahoot courses on math, science, social emotional learning, and more—now available in Kahoot! AccessPass! © Disney/Pixar. All rights reserved.

Get ready, because a new learning adventure is about to begin! Starting this week, you can bring enchantment to science, math, social studies, social emotional learning and trivia with one-of-a-kind kahoot courses, featuring beloved characters from Disney and Pixar.

Discover exclusive Disney content available for free and get access to premium collections within Kahoot!+ AccessPass. With Kahoot!+ AccessPass, anyone can supercharge learning and engagement with a comprehensive library of premium ready-to-use resources on a wide range of topics for all ages, now including access to all Disney and Pixar content on Kahoot!. These collections of kahoots are also available in Spanish, French and German.

Save the day with the power of friendship

If you’re a Disney and Pixar fan, you know that friendship, teamwork, and caring for others are key parts of what makes a hero! Join your favorite characters from Soul, Up, and Raya and the Last Dragon in these kahoots, and inspire learners to explore big feelings, share empathy and appreciate the unique magic inside each and every one of us.

Explore the full collections:

      Explore the wonders of nature and science 

      Disney and Pixar have long brought science to life in new and inspiring ways, from introducing us to species across the animal kingdom to taking us on journeys through ecosystems around the world. With these science collections featuring characters from Frozen, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, and more, learners can discover awesome animals and their habitats, the science of seasons, and what makes our bodies tick, from head to toe!

      Explore the full collections:


        A Frozen World

        Explore a frozen world, learning about the science of water and snow, seasons, and reindeer with your friends from Frozen.

        Multiply the learning fun in math class

        If you’re looking to subtract boredom and add engagement to your next math lesson, these collections of math kahoots are a dream come true—no wishing on a star needed! Get into the fast lane for improving addition and subtraction skills with characters from Cars, embark on arithmetic adventures with Moana, and explore more math concepts from percentages to shapes with Disney Princesses, Nemo and much more. It’s mathemagical!

        Explore the full collections:

        Social studies learning that will go down in history

        Disney and Pixar characters come from so many different places and cultures, with many exciting films set in or inspired by real regions of the world. With these social studies kahoots, learners can voyage to the seven continents of the world, explore the history and cultures of the Pacific Islands with Moana, learn about indigenous cultures of North America with Pocahontas, and much more.

        Explore the full collections:

        Language arts with a fairy tale ending

        Looking for English Language Arts (ELA) resources that aren’t the same old story? We know that behind the Disney and Pixar movies we love is great storytelling and writing, and to become a skilled writer, we need to understand the basic building blocks of sentences. Together with characters from Mulan, The Princess and the Frog, Cinderella, and more, learners can practice identifying and using different parts of speech, punctuation, context clues for reading comprehension, and beyond.

        Explore the full collections:

        lion king-kahoot-collection-2

        ELA with Disney

        Practice nouns, prepositions, fact, and opinions with your favorite characters.

        Get into the festive spirit!

        There’s nothing quite like celebrating a holiday with some friendly competition on Kahoot!, especially when we celebrate with our favorite Disney and Pixar characters! In these collections, learners can welcome in spring with kahoots featuring characters from Frozen, share the love on Valentine’s Day and beyond with Aladdin and Jasmine, and enjoy spooktacular trivia for Halloween and Día de los Muertos with characters from Coco—just to name a few!

        Explore the full collections:

          Bambi cropped (1)

          Spring with Disney

          Celebrate spring by reliving memorable moments from some of the classic stories from Disney.

          Get access to all of these collections of learning games and thousands of others with Kahoot!+ AccessPass, starting at $4.99/month.

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