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23 Aug 2023

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Kahoot! and the National Institutes of Health partner to inspire learners to explore biomedical science

Power up your STEM lessons with these Kahoot! courses offering engaging health science resources from the National Institutes of Health!

If you want to discover the wonders of science, you don’t need to travel far. Fascinating science is taking place in the human body every day! The question of “How do bodies tick?” has driven scientists to conduct incredible research over the years and make exciting breakthroughs. Scientists continue to explore and expand our understanding of topics from the science of sleep to cells as the building blocks of organisms, how we can keep our bodies and minds healthy, and so much more. 

We know Kahoot! educators and learners also love to follow their curiosity. This is why we’re excited to share the news of our partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH)! Now, all Kahoot! users can take a closer look inside biomedical research, explore STEM careers, and more with free, interactive Kahoot! courses from the NIH.

NIH, a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the largest biomedical research agency in the world. Their mission is to improve health and save lives by making important discoveries in health science research.

By completing NIH’s Kahoot! courses, learners can explore the science behind biological processes and see how medical discoveries have helped us better understand what impacts our health.

Investigate circadian rhythms and how they affect our sleep, learn key facts about drug use and addiction, visualize cells and proteins under a microscope, and beyond. Learners can even find out how to help fight superbugs!


Coping With Stress

Learn about different types of stress, how stress effects the body, and how you can support your students’ mental and emotional health.



Explore regeneration of cells, tissues, and organs in various organisms with this kahoot!


Lung Health

Learn about the respiratory system and tips for keeping your lungs healthy.

These courses from the NIH all include engaging kahoots that bring science to life. However, users can also find additional science learning resources, including teacher guides, downloadable student and teacher resources, vocabulary lists, and other interactive online experiences. 

Educators and learners can also visit Pathways, a collection of free educational resources created by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), part of the NIH, in collaboration with Scholastic, Inc., for even more ways to make learning science awesome.

“Reaching young people to teach them about biomedical science and inspire them to pursue careers in science is critically important to ensuring a diverse and vibrant biomedical research enterprise,” said Jon Lorsch, Ph.D., Director, NIGMS. “Our partnership with Kahoot! expands NIH’s STEM offerings, providing educators with free, interactive learning tools to spark student interest in biomedical sciences.”

Ignite your students’ curiosity and inspire them to make their own discoveries by starting these Kahoot! courses today on the official NIH partner page on Kahoot! Academy.