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6 Feb 2024

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Unlock career readiness for students with Founders Mark. Now on Kahoot!

Discover the entrepreneurial mindset and practice powerful future-ready skills including leadership, teamwork, and creativity with these exciting new kahoots from Founders Mark!

In our rapidly changing world, technology is opening up new possibilities every day, creating both new challenges and opportunities for the next generation. Many jobs that will exist in the future haven’t even been invented yet. How do you prepare for these careers of tomorrow, or prepare your students?

At Kahoot!, we believe future-ready skills are critical to thriving in this ever-evolving world. This is why we’re excited to announce that Kahoot! is partnering with Founders Mark to bring future-ready learning to life for youth worldwide!

Founders Mark on Kahoot!

Founders Mark is an impact organization dedicated to empowering youth through entrepreneurship-focused learning experiences that help them develop future-ready skills. With programs for learners of all ages, Founders Mark works to foster an entrepreneurial mindset among its participants, helping them hone key skills including problem-solving, creativity, leadership, business acumen, teamwork, and grit. These skills are expected to stay in high demand over the next 20+ years, as they give learners the flexibility and adaptability to make a positive contribution to the world no matter what the future holds.

Through this partnership, Kahoot! and Founders Mark are joining forces to take future-ready learning to the next level for learners around the world!

“Founders Mark sees Kahoot! as an innovative partner in the education space, opening doorways to learners and top educators around the globe,” said Kendall Morris, Founder of Founders Mark. “We are thrilled to partner with Kahoot! to infuse fun ways to discover and practice the entrepreneurial mindset.”

Inspiring students to build the skills for tomorrow today

Educators, parents, and learners of all ages can now explore the entrepreneurial mindset with premium learning content, available to play for free on Kahoot!. Discover how entrepreneurs find ideas for businesses, set goals and bring their vision to life, and even how they can support their communities through their work. Motivate students to grow their knowledge and confidence, and unleash their own fearless entrepreneurial spirit through the Kahoot! experience they love!

As we look ahead to the future of work that students will enter, the uncertainty may feel overwhelming. However, when we support students to build a strong foundation of adaptable skills, empowered self-agency, and a practice of lifelong learning, we give them the tools to make any future brighter.

Start exploring future-ready skills today with Founders Mark on Kahoot!