Teacher in front of classroom, sharing online presentation with Kahoot!

Tip the scales toward classroom engagement, powerful pedagogy, and interactive learning with Kahoot!’s newest question type, Scale. Scale is available now in the Kahoot! Creator as a no-points question to gather feedback and elicit conversation. Review responses in real-time with aggregated data, or find student-specific submissions in the auto-generated reports after learning sessions. Kahoot! Ambassadors have created lessons with Scale, and are sharing their top tips and best practices for including tools that empower student’s voices and leverage learning toward impactful and impressionable lessons! 

Scale for end-of-unit feedback

Wrap up units or courses with Scale, and solicit student perspectives on lesson effectiveness, teaching methods, and overall learning experiences. Kurt Naicker, at North West University shares, I am specifically using it for identifying which topics students are comfortable with and not, and further, the NPS will help me assess the level of comfort. This is brilliant!” With Scale, foster a collaborative learning environment where students feel heard, valued, and empowered to contribute to their educational journey. 

Scale for application-based learning 

Engage students in decision-making processes and real-world scenarios using Scale. Whether you’re exploring career aspirations, gathering opinions on school initiatives, or conducting mock market research, Scale gauge student sentiment with precision. Ask questions like, “How likely are you to pursue a career in…?” or “How likely are you to participate in…?” and leverage their responses to inform classroom discussions and activities.

#KahootTip Looking to instill new levels of empathy and perspective, include Scale question types to promote deeper thinking by posing third-person, perspective-taking questions. After a history unit on the French Revolution, ask students, “How likely would it be for Marie Antoinette to have joined the Parisian in storming Bastille?” or “How likely is Marquise Lafayette to have consulted Thomas Jefferson for leadership strategy and decision making?”. Using Scale to consider new perspectives and approaches helps students to think critically about both the curriculum and circumstances of their learning!

Scale for book reviews

Whether assessing for comprehension, analyzing literary elements, or encouraging critical thinking, Scale enables educators to pose targeted questions and receive insightful responses in real-time. From rating character development to evaluating thematic relevance, Scale enriches classroom discussions and empowers students to articulate their opinions effectively. 

#KahootTip Use Scale for peer-to-peer book reviews and recommendations! Add an assigned kahoot QR code or Game PIN to your classroom library or student bookmarks. After finishing the last page of a recent read, students can leave feedback on the book, make suggestions to the author, or share their own opinion on the ending.

Scale for classroom community

Transform mundane classroom decisions into interactive experiences with Scale-powered classroom votes. From choosing a class mascot to selecting topics for group projects, Scale empowers students to participate actively in decision-making processes. With its intuitive interface and real-time results, Scale fosters a sense of ownership and democracy in the classroom, cultivating a positive and inclusive learning environment. Dr. Julie Meyer at McKendree University suggests Scale to help “fine-tune future instruction” based on student insights, making for powerful play and learning online and off! 

#KahootTip Julie suggests setting your scales to prompt an even number of options. This way, students are required to share preferences to one side or another! 

Scale offers educators a powerful toolkit (with just one question type!) to enhance classroom engagement and gather valuable insights from students. Educators can facilitate meaningful discussions, tailor instruction to meet student needs, and cultivate a collaborative learning environment where every voice matters. Ready to elevate your classroom experience? Dive into the world of Scale today and watch as your students thrive like never before. Happy Kahoot!’ing!