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28 Feb 2024

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Inspire students to explore climate change and solutions with Our Climate Our Future on Kahoot!

Empower students with knowledge about climate change and how we can take action for a brighter future!

Every day, we see climate change impacting our planet and our lives. We also see increasing numbers of young people around the world wanting to raise their voices to be part of creating a better future for all. At Kahoot!, we want to help inspire these future change-makers of the world, and we believe that the first step is to help students build knowledge about climate change—from the science behind it to promising solutions. To support this, we’re happy to announce that Kahoot! is partnering with Action for the Climate Emergency to launch a new collection of free kahoots based on their award-winning collection of digital media, Our Climate Our Future.

Our Climate Our Future on Kahoot!

Action for the Climate Emergency (ACE) is an organization working to educate, inspire, and support young people to lead in turning the tide on climate change. In Our Climate Our Future, ACE educates young people about the climate crisis through engaging digital media and other educational resources, providing tools to understand these complex, global issues in an accessible way and inspire them to take action in their own communities.

Now, educators and learners can experience Our Climate Our Future in an even more interactive and engaging way with Kahoot!. Play your way through this collection of kahoots to explore topics such as: What are fossil fuels, and what happens when we burn them? What are renewable energy sources, and why are they important? How does climate change impact people differently? Learn more about how advocates worldwide are working to build an equitable, biodiverse, carbon-neutral future, and discover how we can all get involved to make a positive difference for the planet!

Our Climate Our Future kahoot

What is Climate Change? | Our Climate Our Future

Join us on a journey to learn why the story of climate change isn’t just about melting glaciers or disappearing polar bears, and not just about a more dangerous world for far-off future generations. Climate change is really a story about us.

Through this collaboration, we are combining the expert knowledge and inspiring messages of Our Climate Our Future with the Kahoot! experience students love. As Rebecca Anderson, Senior Head of Research and Education at Action for the Climate Emergency, also shared: “Kahoot! is the perfect partner to further Our Climate Our Future’s work to bring climate science and solutions to life through engaging educational resources.” 

Visit the official profile of Our Climate Our Future on Kahoot! today to start bringing climate education to life!