When educators or administrators need to choose the digital learning solutions that will best support their students, trust is key. At Kahoot! we are committed to delivering evidence-based learning solutions and experiences that educators and admins can count on to enhance student learning outcomes. To support this, we are happy to share that Kahoot! has been validated by the International Certification of Evidence of Impact in Education (ICEIE).

Kahoot! Silver Badge for Effectiveness

Eric Nentrup, Head of Partnerships at ICEIE, explained why this recognition matters for educators and learners: “Formally recognizing the value of Kahoot!’s effectiveness is not only deserved for such a trusted name in the edtech space, but a validation for educators who have found so much valuable engagement with their students when designing instructional activities with Kahoot!. With this certification from the ICEIE, Kahoot! sets an example for other solution providers to value evidence-based outcomes that center students and support teachers through their learning experience design.”

Measuring what works in digital learning

The ICEIE, which validates for educators “what works” in educational technology that demonstrates clear evidence of value, has granted Kahoot! its Silver badge in the category of “Effectiveness,” one of their Five Categories of Impact®. This category measures the essential question, “Does and how could the solution work?” Kahoot! is one of the first digital learning solutions to be awarded for effectiveness by the ICEIE.

The ICEIE uses robust criteria for evaluating whether edtech solutions are backed by strong evidence, including: methodological quality, outcomes strength, predictive value, generalizability, and ethics and transparency. According to the ICEIE’s standards of evidence, the latest research shows Kahoot!’s effectiveness with a Medium Weight of Evidence, awarding Kahoot! the Silver badge. 

This validation is based on the ‘Effectiveness’ Kahoot! demonstrated through its Level IV and Level III Certifications for Alignment with ESSA evidence requirements. We recently announced that Kahoot! had achieved ESSA Level III certification by collaborating with LearnPlatform by Instructure, a third-party educational research company, to review an independent academic study for evidence that Kahoot! enhances student learning. The review by LearnPlatform found that, “Usage of Kahoot! showed a positive, statistically significant relationship with students’ academic outcomes (i.e., course exam scores) in a correlative study using statistical controls (e.g., GPA, year in school, and major).”

ICEIE - children in classroom

Improving students’ academic performance with evidence-based learning solutions

These certifications are the latest validations of how Kahoot! improves student learning outcomes, which has now been explored through hundreds of academic studies. At Kahoot!, we are driven every day by our dedication to creating learning experiences that are both loved by students and backed by research as effective learning solutions. We are constantly innovating, always with learners and educators at the center!

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