I am happy to introduce Snoopy Fractions, the newest addition to our exciting collaboration with Peanuts™, elevating cooperative learning to new heights!

Snoopy Fractions on Kahoot!

Snoopy Fractions allows young learners ages 8 and up to learn at their own pace by solving increasingly difficult fraction puzzles to help Snoopy take off into space! The game is fully themed, with unique music as you play with Snoopy, accompanied by Woodstock as his co-pilot!

Snoopy Fractions is available and free for all on the Kahoot! platform.  

The perfect way to develop math skills

Snoopy Fractions includes ready-made fractions puzzles where children progress through various levels of difficulty based on their understanding. It’s the perfect way to learn math skills from discovering fractions to adding and subtracting decimals!

Throughout the game, as the young learners master their fractions they gather dog treats to collect stars. They can then use them to open new worlds, which gives them a sense of accomplishment!

Empower your young learners to learn fractions at their own pace as they level up their math skills with each of our ready-made levels:

  • Let your child discover fraction puzzles that get more challenging as they grow their skills.
  • Boost children’s math confidence with a fun gameplay that allows them to explore, unlock new worlds, and help Snoopy save his friend Woodstock.

A unique collaboration

Last month we announced our exciting partnership with Peanuts™, bringing Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Franklin, and the rest of the iconic Peanuts gang to learners globally through the Kahoot! platform. Snoopy Fractions is our first unique game experience to be launched together with a partner. 

Try out Snoopy Fractions and visit the official Peanuts profile on Kahoot! today to  blast off on a learning adventure with the Peanuts gang!