Teacher and student smiling in classroom

Amidst ringing bells, classroom announcements, and schoolwide assemblies, teachers and school-based staff around the world are our unsung heroes. Between working, playing, sharing, and connecting across schools and campuses, our educators are the guiding lights in the journey of learning and powerful play. As Teacher Appreciation Week dawns upon us, it’s time to spotlight on these remarkable individuals and express our gratitude for their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts.

The Heart of Education: Passionate Dedication

Behind every successful student stands a dedicated teacher. These educators pour their hearts and souls into their work, often going above and beyond to ensure that each student reaches their full potential. They inspire, motivate, and empower young minds to dream big and chase after their aspirations. Kahoot! Ambassador, Nicholas Ferroni, shared memories and celebrations of his elementary school teacher Mrs. Martino, being the “epitome of what it is to be an impactful teacher”.

Nurturing Growth: Building Confidence and Resilience

Educators do more than just teach counting sequences and chemical formulas; they instill confidence and resilience in their students. Teachers and Kahoot!’ing experts all create safe and nurturing environments where learners feel encouraged to explore, experiment, and learn from their mistakes. Through their guidance and support, educators empower students to overcome challenges and embrace failure as a stepping stone towards success. Kahoot! Ambassador, Cheryl Graff, shared how Kahoot! has helped her students to access more content, community, and connection despite varied learning and ability levels!

Lifelong Impact: Shaping the Future Generation

The impact of a great teacher extends far beyond the classroom walls. Educators play a pivotal role in shaping the future generation, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and values they need to thrive in an ever-changing world. Their influence reverberates through time, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of their students and the communities they serve. Kahoot! Ambassador, Holly Prine, created a lifelong memory for her first grade student, celebrating his birthday via a classwide Kahoot! Game!

As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, let us take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude back to the educators who create and cultivate moments of play, curiosity, and inclusivity that drive students to feel empowered, from learners into leaders themselves! Whether they are teaching in schools, colleges, or universities, their dedication and passion deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

Celebrate teachers and show your appreciation for educators during Teacher Appreciation Week! Here’s how:

  1. Learn the history and origin of Teacher Appreciation Week, celebrated in the first week of May for the last 50 years.
  2. Celebrate famous teachers, and learn of lasting educators whose claim to fame happened outside of the classroom!
  3. Get to know your teacher to build connection and further community with this icebreaker kahoot.

To all the educators out there: Thank you for everything you do. You truly make a difference in the lives of your students and the world. We appreciate you this week, and all other weeks of the year. Happy Kahoot!’ing!