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Make every moment count – both in gameplay, data collection, and assessment! Live-time and downloadable reports are now available for game mode experiences, helping to ensure classroom instruction remains playful, powerful, and purposeful! Reporting has gotten even better with data drawn from student-led game modes, now included within the Kahoot! reporting tool. Read on to learn how game mode reports are leveling up lesson planning – no matter your classroom dynamic and lesson goal!

Connect classroom collaboration to content prep and progress monitoring by automatically tracking accuracy and achievement in all-new game mode reports, available now with Kahoot!+. Kahoot! Ambassadors worldwide, and in all grade levels and classroom formats, have been reviewing game mode reports to make the most of each Kahoot! lesson. Hear how they’ve found this data to be impactful and invaluable, both during instruction and beyond!

New game mode reports are automatically curated and created after kahoots are played using one of the collaborative, student-centered game modes! Here’s how:

  1. Login to your Kahoot! profile, or create a new account.
  2. Find a kahoot just right for your class and curriculum – whether from your library or browsing the Discover page for kahoots from publishing partners and Verified Creators.
  3. Select “Start” from the Kahoot! preview. 
  4. Choose a game mode format best fit for your students, whether in a player versus player format (like Treasure Trove), team versus team (like Tallest Tower), or a whole-group collaboration (like Robot Run). 
  5. Update the game mode settings, selecting a duration and theme most appropriate for your classroom.
  6. Play away!
    #KahootTip: As students are engaging on their own, independent devices, move about the classroom to check in with students individually to alleviate questions or confusion!
  7. Revisit the Reports tab after gameplay to review student data. Check for individual progress and success, or review whole-class performance.

In case you need some inspiration, ideas, or insights on how to use and incorporate data from game mode reports, our Ambassadors are here to help! Check out these top tips and best practices to help your students make it to the Podium!

Boost activity and collaboration across your class

Collaboration is the name of the game – well, not literally, but this experience echoes throughout gameplay in every student-centered format! Inspire community and connection between students with each of the collaborative game modes, and track student participation and engagement! Unsure about some students participating and contributing less than others? Note interaction as hosts and teachers review the game mode reports, tallying and tabulating both the quantity and quality of responses throughout gameplay! Never let students fall behind, in both curricular and social-emotional learning, checking in on activity and engagement even from “behind-the-screen” of Kahoot!-driven lessons.

Inspire a love for curious learning and discovery

Broach a new topic and introduce new content in an active, exploratory dynamic! Minimize lecture and passive participation as students take charge of the pace and progress of their own learning. To build insight and intrigue, create a kahoot with new concepts, key vocabulary, or unfamiliar diagrams. As students are prompted by new questions and curriculum, they’ll be curious to understand the larger context of the question, and eager to engage in conversation and discussion post-game, too! As progress and performance are collected during gameplay, use the game mode report to collect pre-assessment data to compare student progress at the end of the unit, too!
KahootTip: Save time in lesson planning and reuse these introductory kahoots at the end of a unit as a review before exams! Repeated exposure to similar concepts and ideas helps to reinforce skills, without the pressure of a testing environment!

Cultivate individualized data collection without high-stakes pressure

Frequent and consistent data collection ensures all students are supported with instruction best fit for their learning. Reports within game modes help to track individual student goals and progress without the pressure of high-stakes testing environments (goodbye pencil-paper assessments!). Easily separate individual student performance and collect multiple data points on a specific topic, as each player reviews and responds to prompts and questions at multiple points throughout gameplay. Even better – save time during assessment windows and reduce 1:1 conferencing needs – it’s like you’ve been cloned, administering individualized assessments for all students in one go!

Data collected in reports from game modes offer educators a powerful toolkit to enhance classroom engagement and gather valuable insights from students. Educators can facilitate meaningful discussions, tailor instruction to meet student needs, and cultivate a collaborative learning environment with visual supports and scaffolds, integral to the existing game mode experience! Ready to elevate your classroom experience? Dive into the world of game modes today, this time with even more powerful play.

Game mode reports are available with Kahoot!+ Max subscriptions. Login to your account to get started, or upgrade your subscription today. Happy Kahoot!’ing!