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24 May 2024

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Help your students ace the GCSE exams in science, geography, business, and more with new Kahoot! learning content from Propello

Unlock study success with these new collections of kahoots from Propello! Keep students engaged and motivated while they reinforce their knowledge of science, business, geography, and religious studies.

Exam season is here for many educators and students around the world. Throughout May and June, hundreds of thousands of students in the UK will take their GCSE exams. Preparing for exams such as these can feel overwhelming for any student, as well as the educators and parents supporting them. This is why I’m excited to share that Kahoot! has teamed up with the curriculum and learning solutions platform Propello to launch standards-aligned learning content that helps students study for their GCSEs!

Kahoot! and Propello

Propello enables educators to easily prepare curriculum-led lessons with free subject-specific, current Key Stage 3 (KS3), and GCSE content. On Propello, educators can find a teacher planning platform, resource hub, and learning environment for students, supporting the entire teaching cycle. Now, educators and parents can discover hundreds of ready-to-use kahoots that make learning GCSE and KS3 content even more engaging! 

Take your students’ learning to new heights with curriculum-aligned kahoots 

The GCSEs, or General Certificate of Secondary Education, provide students aged 14 – 16 with academic qualifications in a variety of subject areas—acting as a gateway to higher education and future careers. In these new collections of kahoots from Propello, educators can find engaging learning content for GCSE Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Religious Studies, and Geography, with content aligned to the AQA specification. Additionally, kahoots supporting GCSE Business are aligned to both the Edexcel and AQA specifications. For younger learners aged 11 – 14, educators can spark engagement with kahoots tailored to KS3 Science, Religious Studies, and Geography. You can easily find the kahoots for the subject and level you need by visiting the Propello channels. All of these kahoots can be played as live sessions in the classroom, assigned as homework, or offered as extra study resources for students to use at home!

Empower students to study smarter for test day and beyond

With these new kahoots from Propello, students can create a self study experience that keeps them engaged and motivated while reinforcing what they learned in class. Students can play the kahoots at home or on the go, either independently for solo study sessions or together with friends!

These collections of kahoots put students’ knowledge to the test in a wide range of topics. In Science, they can explore the universe from atomic structure to ecology to space physics. Geography will challenge their map skills and understanding of both physical and social landscapes, including ecosystems, population and migration, climate change, and economics. In Religious Studies, students can ask the big questions as they explore religions around the world. Lastly, students can review their entrepreneurial learning on how to start and grow a business, manage finances, and more! 

“Kahoot! is an excellent platform to support the launch of Propello in the UK,” said Amanda Billings, UK Managing Director at Propello. “Through this new partnership, users can now access Propello’s KS3 and GCSE quizzes in Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Business Studies, and Religious Studies. We’ve created 475 Kahoots!—one for every unit in each course—offering a fun and effective way to reinforce classroom learning.”

Maximize learning for exams and all year long

With Kahoot! as their study companion, students can learn to work smarter, not harder. These kahoots can reinforce knowledge and sharpen information retrieval skills, while also keeping students engaged and motivated to keep practicing! As learners continue reviewing and playing, rising in the ranks on the leaderboards, they can build confidence in their exam readiness, which can make the exams feel much less stressful. 

Visit the official Propello page on Kahoot! to up your students’ study game this exam season and beyond!