This week, many around the world are celebrating the start of Pride Month, recognizing the contributions of the LGBTQIA+/ Queer community to society and cultures globally. We honor those who paved the way for others to be who they are with pride, and who helped to make the world a more inclusive and welcoming place for all!

Innovative learning with inclusivity at its core

Here at Kahoot!, inclusivity is one of our core values, not just for one month, but all year. It is a value that guides us and inspires us to elevate how we work together and to create even more awesome learning experiences for all. We know that millions of educators and learners of all ages and backgrounds worldwide play and learn with Kahoot!, and we are dedicated to serving the diversity of our global Kahoot! community, as well as striving to create a kinder, more empathetic world around us. 

This has led us to offer high quality learning resources that engage people in expanding their knowledge of different identities and communities, such as our Pride Month collection, our collections for Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and others. We have also launched resources to foster inclusion for different ways of thinking and learning in our Kahoot! for All campaign, celebrating neurodiversity and the uniqueness of every mind. Additionally, with Kahoot! now available in 19 languages, we’ve made engaging learning more accessible for millions of learners around the world.

Nurturing an inclusive workplace culture at Kahoot!

However, to succeed in making our Kahoot! offerings inclusive, we believe it’s key to reflect these values ourselves. At Kahoot!, we’re fortunate to have a vibrantly diverse global team, with K!rew members from over 50 nationalities and proudly representing different cultures, backgrounds, and identities. This fuels our commitment to creating an inclusive workplace culture, where every team member can thrive!

So, how do we walk the walk? We use a variety of strategies throughout our company ecosystem and ways of working. Starting with our first connection with potential K!rew members in the recruitment process, we work to ensure inclusivity by reviewing job advertisements for unconscious bias, and we involve a gender diverse team in recruitment for all positions. We believe this not only makes the recruitment process more equitable, but helps us attract the best talent possible (and we think our K!rew is pretty talented, too!).

Throughout the year, we also offer social and cultural activities to foster a sense of inclusivity, well-being, and belonging among our team. These include activities such as running, padel or breakfast club, and also sponsored language classes for expats. Sharing these experiences enable us to connect on an even more authentic level, beyond our daily work roles. This helps each K!rew member feel that they are an important and valued part of the team, not just for what they do but for who they are.

Pride Month kahoot theme

Committed to continuous learning and improvement

Of course, being part of a company on a mission to make learning awesome, we’re all passionate learners ourselves. Internal learning initiatives have become an important way for our K!rew to grow and develop while fostering a more inclusive workplace. Together, we’ve deepened our own knowledge of topics such as psychological safety, biases in recruitment, neurodiversity, and Pride Month with learning sessions open to all team members. And yes, they do often include a friendly kahoot session!

For leaders at Kahoot!, we’re proud to offer Elevate, a leadership training program that gives Kahoot! leaders the opportunity to learn how to successfully lead a high performing, diverse, and global team, including fostering inclusivity.

Just as we’re committed to continuous improvement in our products, we’re likewise committed to continuous improvement in our organization. To support this, we run regular pulse survey checks to gather feedback from K!rew members on their well-being, job satisfaction, and engagement at work. Listening to our team is an essential part of creating an inclusive workplace where everyone has a voice and everyone knows they truly matter.

From all of us at Kahoot!, we wish you a happy Pride Month! If you’re ready to inspire your work team, students, or family and friends to be inclusivity champions, check out our Pride Month collection to encourage understanding and appreciation for diversity this month and all year long.