While millions of educators and students worldwide use Kahoot! to ignite engagement in the classroom and beyond, we believe the most important part is what comes next: learning! Our mission to make learning awesome is based on the idea that when students are fully engaged and actively participating in the learning experience,  it takes students’ learning outcomes to the next level. But you don’t need to take our word for it, because today, I’m pleased to share that Kahoot! has been certified Gold for Efficacy by the International Certification of Evidence of Impact in Education (ICEIE).

Students playing Kahoot!, with the ICEIE Gold badge overlaid.

Backed by independent research to positively impact learning

The ICEIE evaluates “what works” in EdTech and validates evidence-backed solutions globally, using efficacy and effectiveness criteria based on a systematic review of 64 international evaluation frameworks and extensive consultations with the industry. Earlier this year, the ICEIE awarded Kahoot! the Silver badge for Effectiveness, making Kahoot! one of the first digital learning solutions to be certified in this category. Now, Kahoot! has earned the Gold badge for Efficacy, another of the ICEIE’s Five Categories of Impact®. The category of Efficacy highlights solutions that demonstrate their educational value through empirical studies conducted in classrooms with research teams. 

With the ICEIE’s rigorous criteria for evaluating evidence, this Gold certification recognizes that Kahoot! meets the ICEIE’s highest standards for demonstrating efficacy in enhancing student learning. The evaluation was based on a meta-analysis, conducted by the research organization WiKIT, of independent, peer-reviewed studies showing evidence that Kahoot! significantly improves academic performance. This meta-analysis included 32 effect sizes (K=16 studies) conducted by Ciesielska et al., 2024. Arken Research, led by Dr Shelby Danks, then validated that the evidence presented in the meta-analysis meets the criteria for the Gold level in Efficacy.

According to the ICEIE’s College of Reviewers, “The findings from the meta-analysis indicate statistically significant and positive outcomes, with over 50% of the weight based on findings meeting high standards.” 

The meta-analysis report concluded that across the selected studies, Kahoot! improved students’ learning by 0.72 standard deviations. This is equivalent to raising a student from the 50th to the 72nd percentile or improving their performance on a typical test by a full letter grade.

Students playing Kahoot! in a classroom.

Recognized educational value, in an engaging experience students love 

For over a decade, educators have seen Kahoot! become a game-changer for engaging their students in learning. This has inspired researchers around the world to explore the learning benefits of Kahoot! through hundreds of peer-reviewed studies, which have found Kahoot! to increase students’ engagement, participation, and motivation for learning, as well as improving academic performance as shown in grades and test scores. 

Through our innovative learning solutions, we are harnessing the engagement of playful interactivity to deliver real educational value. This has included new features, content, and game experiences that are both student-centered and based on powerful pedagogy. We’re excited to continue bringing educators and learners of all ages new new ways to make learning awesome with Kahoot!.

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