Recap "Kahoot! EDU Summit" June 5-6, 2024 with logo

As the school year wraps up, our excitement for the next academic year is already building! Last week, a global community of thousands of passionate and dedicated educators came together virtually at the Kahoot! EDU Summit. The goal? To find fresh inspiration and strategies for achieving awesome results in the upcoming school year. That’s what we call teacher superheroes!

The summit kicked off with a warm welcome from Community Manager, Hannah Harris, who welcomed everyone with her ever-enthusiastic energy. Her introduction set the tone for two days of inspiration, collaboration, and innovation, and the live chat buzzed and reached over 2500+ messages with excitement as teachers and administrators shared their anticipation from every corner of the globe.

What’s coming for back-to-school

Attendees got an exclusive sneak-peak at the future of interactive learning and discovered what it means for teachers and students to ‘achieve awesome.’
This session unveiled a new meta-analysis of dozens of independent peer-reviewed studies, showing that Kahoot! can boost students’ test performance by a full letter grade! Additionally, it highlighted that Kahoot! positively impacts learning performance, motivation, and classroom dynamics. To help teachers maximize the benefits of using Kahoot! in their classrooms, participants were introduced to the new ‘Kahoot! Certified for Schools’ programs. Launched in May, this program certifies teachers through a three-step course, teaching them how to save time, simplify lesson planning, and create engaging learning experiences that their students will love!

The Kahoot! Learning Experience was also a new scaffolding way to showcase how teachers can use Kahoot! to achieve awesome results across every stage of the teaching process:

  • Efficient preparation:Easily find curriculum-aligned pre-made content and use the AI-assisted Kahoot! generator.
  • Impactful instruction: Introduce new topics with interactive presentation mode, featuring an immersive branded look, and soon, the ability to import Google Slides.
  • Playful practice:Empower students with self-study modes and solo games.
  • Effective assessment:Create assessments with reports and enable students to use flashcards and the new scan notes feature to convert notes into self-study kahoots.
  • Memorable review:Re-engage students with new themes and game modes, rewarding them for consolidating their learning.
  • Group achievement:Launching soon, a new way to celebrate learning together as a class that will not leave you disappointed!

Achieve awesome with Kahoot! including pictures from Pekka and Sean

Game-based learning and engaging presentations

Math-guru Melissa Esposito, a passionate Kahoot! Ambassador, followed with an engaging presentation on using game-based learning for math. She showed how to turn complex math problems into exciting challenges, making math approachable and enjoyable for any student!

Math games and game based learning on kahoot with picture of Melissa

Another Kahoot! Ambassador David Pena, from Mexico, rounded off the first day with a deep dive into creating energizing and interesting lessons by designing diverse question types for his kahoots. His insights into crafting questions that spark curiosity and cognitive engagement left everyone inspired to rethink their approach to question design!

Designing great questions with David


Live demos of the future of interactive learning

The excitement continued on day 2 with a session of live demos of the new Kahoot! features led by Padraic Woods, Director of Product, and Meira Koponen, Senior Learning Designer.

They showcased how new AI tools can generate ready-to-play kahoots in seconds and how new game experiences can make teachers create engaging learning more dynamically and engagingly and help any student succeed. Tools like the improved AI question generator give you the ability to instantly generate playable kahoots from a prompt,  PDF, URL, and scanned notes. These tools aim to make it easier for teachers to create personalized interactive learning experiences in their classrooms and save time.

Meira Koponen also introduced new self-study experiences, such as practice mode with micro-learning lessons, flashcards for memorization, and math games like PopPop Multiplication, Snoopy Fractions, and DragonBox Numbers, emphasizing fun and engagement in studying – making it possible for students to practice and learn at their own pace.

Session demos with Padriac and Meira

Supporting neurodivergent learners

The co-host, Jamie Gilbert, also known as MrGTeacher, took the virtual stage to share his expertise on supporting neurodivergent learners using Kahoot!. His session was a heartfelt and enlightening exploration into the world of neurodiversity in education, offering practical strategies that resonated deeply with educators. MrGTeacher emphasized the critical role of positive relationships, interactions, and engagement in creating an inclusive and supportive classroom environment. He shared stories and practical tips on connecting with neurodivergent students, highlighting the profound impact these connections can have on their academic and social development, and promoting a new perspective that can transform the learning experience for both teachers and students.

Neurodiver learning with Mr. G


Create a digital escape room with Kahoot!

Ceren Calici, an inventive teacher from Turkey concluded the summit with a session on creating digital escape room games using Kahoot!. She demonstrated how these games enhance engagement and collaborative problem-solving, providing educators with innovative ways to make learning exciting in a whole new way!

Creating digital escape rooms with Ceren

Thank you for making this event awesome!

As the event came to a close, the chat was filled with messages of gratitude, inspiration, and renewed energy. We would like to thank all of you who joined us at the Kahoot! EDU Summit.  Remember to redeem your exclusive Kahoot! Golden Ticket to get the all-in-one teaching toolkit with access to our new time-saving Kahoot! AI tools, including the PDF-to-kahoot generator. We can’t wait to see how you’ll use these learnings and tools to ‘achieve awesome’ in the year ahead! 

Here’s to an incredible new school year! And until we see you on the podium next school year— enjoy the well-deserved break!