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3 Jul 2024

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Test your logic and common sense with ‘The 1% Club’ on Kahoot!

Go head-to-head in a brainpower showdown with kahoots inspired by the logic competition show The 1% Club.

Are you the smartest person in the room? Find out with Kahoot! and The 1% Club! We’re excited to extend our partnership with FOX to bring you ready-to-play kahoots that will put your logic, reasoning, and common sense to the test with the quiz show The 1% Club, now airing on FOX on Mondays at 9/8c and the next day on Prime Video. 

“Testing brainpower, not trivia, requires active thinking and problem-solving and is a truly engaging and inclusive way to compete. The questions on The 1% Club encourage discussion and can present some very entertaining answers. By teaming up with Kahoot!, we’re now giving everyone the opportunity to host their own showdown,” said the FOX team. 

FOX's The 1% Club on Kahoot!

Hosted by Patton Oswalt, The 1% Club brings together 100 contestants each episode to test their logic and common sense. The contestants are asked increasingly difficult, logic-based questions and will be eliminated when they answer incorrectly. To begin, the game starts with the 90% question, one that 90 out of 100 people got right, and builds towards the 1% question, which only 1 out of 100 people answered correctly. Those remaining for the 1% question and who answer it correctly will walk away with the grand prize.

Let the logic games begin!

Challenge your friends, family, co-workers, or students to see who’s the smartest! With these kahoots, you can tackle puzzling questions like you will see on The 1% Club and compete to be the ultimate logic master of your group.

Just to get you started: If planet ‘Earth’ has a ‘Heart’, which body part does ‘Mars’ have? And: Fill in the blank. Jessica is Mandy’s only sister. Mandy is the ____ of Jessica’s sister. Feeling confident you know the answers? Play the kahoot below to find out!

The 1% Club, both on TV and on Kahoot!, is all about fun brain teasers, not remembering what you learned at school or from yesterday’s newspapers. By revving up your reasoning skills, you can solve even the most head-scratching  questions to become a logic champion!

Can’t get enough of the competition? Stay tuned for more kahoots from The 1% Club to keep your brainpower fired up as you play along with the show.

Visit The 1% Club official profile on Kahoot! today to put your logic skills to test!