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Brainstorming in minutes

Harness the collective brainpower in any room or virtual meeting! With a Kahoot! brainstorm, you can quickly collect everyone’s input during meetings and decide on the most awesome ideas, together.

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Brainstorm feature included in:
Kahoot! 360 Presenter, Pro, Pro Max, and Spirit.


Level up your next presentation with a quick brainstorming session

Save time collecting and organizing ideas

Upgrade from sticky notes! Get the benefits of what can be a long and complicated workshop– in less than 10 minutes.

Host and share from anywhere

Whether meeting remotely, in person, or in a hybrid setting, create a safe space where everyone can share input and have a say.

Boost audience participation

To inspire people to contribute: gamify your brainstorm! Top ideas will be awarded points that contribute to the leaderboard. Game on!

Uncover the best points made

See patterns in a group’s thinking at a glance, and establish consensus by letting your audience vote for their favorite ideas.

How brainstorms work with Kahoot! 360

Leaders are using Kahoot! brainstorms for

Feedback and retrospection

Meet a dynamic way to reflect, and look ahead as a team. Collect anonymous feedback and discuss it all together as a part of agile retrospectives.

Idea generation

Spark unlimited creativity as you come up with ideas during team planning or product roadmap sessions. Get ready to discuss, and discover favorites!

Employee recognition

Request nominations for awesome projects, teams, or team members and let everyone vote for favorites while presenting at department-wide or all-hands meetings!


Start any type of workshop or event with an icebreaker to get excitement and creative juices flowing. Ask a great question that gets people thinking and sharing.

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Discover why teams should brainstorm, and get inspired with brainstorming examples and tips from Kahoot!

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