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Hey, Edmodo admins!

We know that last minute curriculum changes and technology troubles can make for a hectic back to school, so we’re here to help with a seamless transition!

If you are affected by the sunsetting of Edmodo’s learning platform, then we are happy to offer you a free 60-day trial of Kahoot! EDU for your school or district, no credit card required!

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What's included in a free EDU trial?

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Instant onboarding

Getting new teachers up to speed is as easy as sharing a link! Once a teacher has been added, they will have immediate access to all shared workspaces where they can find everything they need to start teaching!


Connect and collaborate

All teachers and substitutes in your school or district have access to groups and team spaces that allow them to quickly and collaboratively create single kahoots or an entire Course, ready to share!


Give students a voice

Word cloud, brainstorms, and open-ended question types enable real-time feedback from students to spark discussion, share opinions, and ‘pulse-check’, making sure that they stay engaged, in-class or online.


Free content collections

Save time making lesson plans with content collections created by Kahoot! Academy Verified educators and our premium partners. With curated kahoots by grade level, subject, creator, and language, there is a kahoot for every class!

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Weekly training

Kahoot! EDU is packed with features to make learning as engaging as possible and we’ll show you how! Whether you’re looking for support or just want some tips and tricks, we have webinars and live office hours every week where you can ask us yourself!

EDU_webpage_icons_Exclusive resources

Helpful resources

Getting started is easy with the right tools! From the moment you sign up, we’ll provide the resources necessary to go from onboarding to teaching as quickly as possible with videos, tutorials, and live webinars for teachers and school administrators.

“Having the opportunity to improve collaboration between teachers has been huge for us. This is a great way for teachers to save time!”
Terri Brungardt, District Media Specialist, Widefield School District, Colorado
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Teacher Gustavo Lovato
“With Kahoot! EDU, it’s really easy to get access to other teachers’ kahoots – so remember you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and can use those."
Gustavo Lovato, AP Spanish and literature teacher at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School
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Frequently asked questions

I’m not an Edmodo user, can I still get access to the free trial?

Unfortunately, this free trial is only being offered to those affected by the sunsetting of’s platform to support them in a difficult time as they are forced to find new solutions for their back-to-school curriculum. 

Why can’t I, as a teacher, activate a free trial for my school/district?

The Kahoot! EDU free trial gives you access to all of our questions types, including open-ended questions such as Wordcloud and Brainstorm. To protect student privacy, a school administrator or someone authorized to agree on behalf of your entire school or district, will need to review and agree to our Terms and Conditions and Student Privacy Policy.

I'm a school admin, but I’m already on another paid plan and I would like to start a Kahoot! EDU free trial.

Please ensure the email address associated with your paid account is different from the one that will be used for the free trial.

I’m a professor at a higher ed institution, do I qualify for this offer?

Unfortunately, this offer is exclusively for K-12 teachers and schools. Click here to learn more about Kahoot! EDU for higher education.

What will happen with my account when the trial expires?

Once the trial expires, your account will go back to a Kahoot! Basic plan. If you would like to continue your Kahoot! EDU subscription, please contact our sales team!

Will I be charged/Is there an upfront cost?

There is no cost and no credit card is needed to access this 60-day free trial of Kahoot! EDU.