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Kahoot!’ing for equity

A collection of resources, including full lesson plans, kahoots, discussion prompts and mini-projects, for some friendly competition combined with new information, to facilitate conversations around social justice issues and turn knowledge into action


Kahoot!’ing for equity

Topics around diversity, equity, and inclusion can sometimes be difficult to bring up in the classroom, but it’s so important that students learn the history of oppression and practice getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, while also being able to celebrate different people and cultures. It’s the best way we as educators can help them grow and become changemakers in the world! One helpful way to facilitate conversation around themes like racism, sexism, and other biases is through play. It may sound counterintuitive for such serious discussions, but a playful activity can put people at ease and let them know it’s okay to try out new ideas.

Courses: Activities for a full class period

Courageous Women Who Fought the Law

Expand your knowledge of notable women & the laws they fought against, in this free 50-min high school level lesson plan.

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Take Pride All Year

Expand your knowledge of the LGBTQIA+ Community, inclusive words and verbiage, and fun phrases you might hear when in LGBTQIA+ Circles, with this free collection of 3 kahoots.

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Images for Equity page_Celebrating Pride Month

Celebrating Pride Month

Teach your students about the amazing contributions of different members of the LGBTQ+ Community and about being better allies, with this 50-min high school level lesson plan included in Kahoot!+ AccessPass.

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Images for Equity page_Take Pride All Year

Juneteenth: Honoring the History, Celebrating the Past

June 19th, known as Juneteenth, is a day of celebration for Black Americans. Help your students learn all things Juneteenth with this 60-90 minute high school level lesson plan included in Kahoot!+ AccessPass.

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Getting to know the AAPI Community

Learn about the many traditions, customs and trailblazers that paved the way for the AAPI community, in this 50-min high school level lesson plan included in Kahoot!+ AccessPass.

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More kahoots to try



Discuss concepts of identity and acceptance in the book Bunnybear by Andrea J. Loney.


Join the UN to Fight Racism!

Racism, racial discrimination and intolerance exist in all countries around the world. Test your knowledge about the many forms racism can take. Learn what you can do to fight racism so we can all enjoy our human rights.

Implementation Tips

  • You don’t have to know it all – As a teacher, you’re used to having the answers, but it’s ok to tell students you’re not sure and learn more together.
  • Set norms – Everyone is learning, so encourage students to listen with an open mind and consider each others’ feelings.
  • You know your students best – You want to help them grow but it’s ok to start small if you’re not sure how much they’re ready for
  • Listen to students with lived experience – It’s important to validate students’ own experiences and make space for them to share if they would like to
  • Thank your class – Show appreciation for your students (and yourself) for talking about things that aren’t easy but are so important!

And finally, share feedback with us! Did using kahoots help you facilitate conversations around equity? Did it not work for your classroom context? We’d love to know how it went so we can improve these resources. Contact or find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok!


Note: This resource is a work in progress, we plan to continue expanding content and teaching resources for ways that Kahoot! can support DEI conversations.