10 fun and educational apps to keep kids learning at home logoCommon Sense Media recommends DragonBox for engaging math learning at home.

As parents face school closures due to the coronavirus, many are anxious about how their kids will continue learning. The “COVID-slump” could become a reality as our kids figure out how to learn at home. Luckily, with technology quite literally at our fingertips, we can keep their juices flowing. Check out Common Sense Media’s recommended list of math and reading apps that won’t feel like school to kids but can help decrease that academic slump.

DragonBox Big Numbers

Recommended ages: 6 and older
Quirky games that require early elementary arithmetic so kids can practice math as they explore a virtual world.

DragonBox Algebra 12+

Recommended ages: 12 and older
Designed by a math teacher, this game makes advanced algebra skills seem simple. (Other versions and levels are also available.)

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