15 ways communicators are injecting culture to reach a remote workforce

PR Daily logoCompany welcomes new team members with a group Kahoot! game

It’s Groundhog Day for many of your employees working remotely—yourself likely included. They wake up to see the same walls and share the same space with their quarantined partners day in and day out.

So how are you breaking up those days with a dose of company culture? Putting a smile on employee faces, motivating them, and reminding them that culture isn’t limited to an office space? I asked and boy, did you answer!

Play online games.

To welcome new employees who’ve joined JellySmack during the ongoing current crisis, the staff gathers for a company Zoom in which the new onboardees introduce themselves. Then, everyone plays a game on Kahoot or original games via Zoom.

“Playing games together, seeing each other, is the best way to keep everyone dedicated and pumped!” says Lenny Pomerantz, culture & internal communication manager. He recently “pixelized” pictures of staff and they had to guess who was on the picture as fast as they could.

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