20 Questions: Joe Judge’s stamp on Giants

NY Giants logoNY Giants head coach features Kahoot! in team’s virtual training

This has been an off-season like no other for a first-year head coach. Judge has said from the beginning of the virtual program that the advantage goes to the most prepared team going forward. While trying to leave no stone unturned, he knew the biggest challenge to working remotely would be the team-building element. For that, he set up trivia challenges for everyone to get to know each other and their surroundings.

“We kind of took some lessons from really watching my kids do virtual school and some guys from around the country on what they were doing at different colleges and different pro programs,” Judge said in a remote interview with the Voice of the Giants Bob Papa as the team wrapped up its off-season program. “I was watching my kids use the Kahoot! app, and we found out a couple of colleges were using the same thing. Really, it started through player development and went across the offense and defense, as well, in terms of having some daily competitions and weekly competitions. We subdivided the teams into different groups and made it competitive, played for some prizes.

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