“5 Cs” to keep businesses up and running during crisis

MSN logoUse Kahoot! games to boost employee morale.

As each day passes and Singapore delves further into the circuit breaker, which has been extended until June 1, the economic future of many businesses seems uncertain. Because of the Government-issued mandate for the temporary closure of non-essential businesses, many are beginning to feel the blow on the economy. However, to help with this, Progress Singapore Party (PSP) has provided the public with 5 tips for businesses to cope with the trying circumstances.

Businesses must Care for employees. Drawing a connection between employee performance and positive employer-employee relations, PSP posited that “when companies have a more engaged team, they are more productive and more profitable.” Including a suggestion to engage in online activities such as Kahoot! games to boost the morale of employees as a collective, the party highlighted the importance of keeping business teams strongly connected, saying “Connecting with your team on a personal level will be an area you must focus on if you want to build and retain top talent. When you do, employees will motivate each other, and you’ll be able to boost engagement, productivity, and of course – profits!”

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