5 games to play on your next virtual happy hour

Entrepreneur logoKahoot! quizzes keep video calls with friends active and fun.

During a time that no one really has exciting news to share, playing a game can be a good way to spend time with friends without having the pressure to keep everyone entertained. I’ve tested out a few game platforms over the past two months, and below are five of my favorites for Zoom calls and virtual happy hours.

If you’re into trivia, Kahoot! is the easiest-to-use platform my family has found. One person hosts and sends out a challenge, and the rest of the people on the call complete rounds of trivia on the Kahoot app. Kahoot’s other games lean toward learning as well — brain teasers, sciences quizzes and lots of different trivia topics. It does require having the app, so make sure that everyone in your group is somewhat tech-savvy (for reference, my grandma can usually figure it out just fine).

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