5 ways businesses can promote employee wellness remotely

Daily Hive logoCompanies can bring remote teams together with trivia games on Kahoot!

For those who have transitioned to working from home for the last few months, you’ll know that this has been a very weird time for office life.

Although less commuting and distractions from open-plan offices can mean more productivity, with less structure, it’s easy to let work-life balance slide.

As such, it’s more important than ever that companies promote wellness. If you’re looking for some inspiration to keep the office fam happy and healthy during these tough times, we’ve got just the ideas for you.

Playing some games is a great way to get everyone engaged. Set a time for everyone to log on together and use websites like Kahoot! to generate some fun trivia. If you’re feeling extra creative, get the team to send in some baby photos and have people guess who’s who, or get the group to play picture-association by spelling using emojis!

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