5 ways leaders can guide talent development amid COVID-19

People matters logoKahoot! makes workplace learning and development a success during lockdown

While businesses may slowdown, shifting employee focus to upskilling could have a positive impact at two key levels. For employees, it would instill confidence and channelize their downtime in the right direction. It would also help organizations fix skill gaps and improve productivity when business recovers.

Here are some ways leaders can guide talent development during these times:

Helping employees gain access through various collaborative channels

The lack of in-person interactions with peers and managers could make employees feel disconnected and to an extent, demotivated. Leaders could facilitate interaction and dialogue through collaborative tools like webinars and virtual chats. Adding a dash of fun certainly makes learning more effective. We’ve seen great results when we gamify the learning experience with virtual quizzes through platforms like Kahoot!, polls, etc.

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