9 online games for kids & grandparents to play when they’re not together

Romper logoRomper recommends Kahoot! for grandparents to connect with their grandkids.

If there’s anything grandparents hate, it’s being far away and unable to see their grandkids. At least thanks to technology, there are plenty of online games for grandparents and grandchildren to play together no matter how far apart they are. These interactive games are a great opportunity for them to connect, and for you to get a little break!

Kahoot is a platform used in a lot of schools, but can be used at home as a way to connect with other people (and maybe even do some sneaky studying). Kids and grandparents can “”create their own Kahoot,”” like a trivia game, and have a friendly competition, or you can use some of the already-created Kahoot games and play them virtually. You can access the site for free or pay for different upgrade options, and it’s best for more tech savvy grandparents & kids.

Safety Note: Since the entire platform is designed for kids and education, there are a lot of safety features built-in. You can check them out here.

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