A Danish man who has visited almost every country in the world without flying has been stranded in Hong Kong for 4 months. He gave us a look inside a day in his life right now.

Business insider logoDanish globetrotter plays Kahoot! with host family during lockdown in Hong Kong

“Modern Viking” Thor Pedersen is on a journey to become the first person to visit every country in the world without stepping foot on a plane.

In late January, Pedersen had just nine countries left to visit when the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to his plans.

Pedersen has been living with a host family in Sai Kung, about an hour outside downtown Hong Kong, for four months — instead of the four days he’d originally planned.

From hiking for 26 hours straight to exploring a downtown Hong Kong without tourists, here’s what a typical day in his life looks like during the pandemic.

Following dinner, the family might play a game like Monopoly, Uno, or Kahoot! if the boys aren’t watching YouTube or playing video games.

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