A teacher and tutor of 8 years shares his 6-step secret to keeping kids engaged while learning at home

CNBC logoTeacher recommends using Kahoot! to keep learning fun at home.

Teaching isn’t easy, and different kids learn best in different ways. Some perform better with a more hands-on approach, while others do well with minimal supervision and occasional check-ins.

But what’s true for all types of learners is that it takes practice, repetition and structure for retention to occur. If you’re a stressed-out parent, remember these six simple reminders to ensure educational success at home:

6. Make it an enjoyable activity.

This is easier said than done, but there are resources that can spice up the at-home learning experience. Many of my students love using Kahoot!, an app that allows them to take quizzes and compete against their classmates in real-time — using their smartphone, tablet or computer.

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