Aw, Snap! Your Birthday Party Has Gone Virtual

The Wall Street Journal logoZoom, Facebook Live, Google Hangouts Meet and Kahoot! are the new birthday destinations in a social-distancing world

Eliana Mandel-Carsen secretly invited her son’s friends to a Google Hangout Meet and asked them to have a cupcake or other treat on hand. She sent them some charades topics ahead of time so they could act out the game and she created a quiz on the online game Kahoot! with questions about Noah. She also solicited video messages from his friends so she could edit them into a montage and asked them to email her photos of handmade cards so she could print them out.

“I wanted to make sure it was a positive memory and not have him remember it as the birthday that was canceled,” Ms. Mandel-Carsen said.

The best part of the virtual gathering, he said, was when his friends played Kahoot!, one of his favorite games.

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