Back to basics: focusing on the foundation of teaching and learning

EdSurge logoKahoot! can elevate effective teaching strategies in the classroom

EdSurge: In your book “Bold School,” you recommend combining old school wisdom with new school technologies. What do you mean by that?

Kieschnick: When I talk about old school wisdom, I mean those instructional strategies that we know work. We have to make sure that we don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. So often, we have this perception that, if we throw stuff at the problem, the stuff will solve the problem. It won’t. It will simply magnify what already exists.

If great things are happening in the classroom, and you throw technology at it, it’s going to magnify the greatness. If less than great things are happening, it will magnify those as well. We’re educating more kids, with greater rigor and from more diverse backgrounds, than ever before in our nation’s history. We’ve got a great foundation. So, how do we take the next step?

One solution is to take a frequently used, high-yield strategy like reciprocal teaching or problem solving and utilize technology to elevate it—not replace it—and make it more effective than it’s ever been before. For example, how can we use a tool like Kahoot! to elevate questioning?

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