Balancing instructional coaching and social-emotional support during the COVID-19 crisis

Education WeekLive virtual Kahoot! game brings teachers together for team-building and fun

If you work in education, you are probably learning that transitioning to an online learning environment from a brick-and-mortar school is a significant challenge, and we know that for many schools, we will once again be in a similar situation in the fall. With unexpected school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, teachers rushed to learn and implement different distance learning tools. They also learned how to take curriculum and move it into a remote setting.

As coaches trying to filter the needs of students, the needs of educators, the requests of administration at the school and district levels, and the demands of this current crisis, we can overwhelm ourselves and our teachers. My mindset moving forward is focused on the idea of balance. I have to remember that my teachers are humans and to truly support them in our common goal of providing the best possible teaching and learning. I have to go back to the relationship level. Our school recently hosted a virtual Kahoot! game for teachers, and we’re planning another session to close out the year. It was so refreshing to sit “together” virtually and laugh at everyone trying to stay on top of the leaderboard.

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