Check this out: library offers Summer Reading Club with a twist

Nelson Star logoLibrary’s virtual summer reading club features weekly Kahoot! quizzes

For children, reading during the summer is not just about entertainment (although it can be that too, of course!). It’s about keeping up those literacy skills that they worked so hard to build up during the school year.

Studies have shown that children who don’t exercise their reading muscles over the summer can regress up to three months back in terms of reading level.

How to beat this so-called “summer slide”? It’s simple: encourage your child to devote a bit of time every day to reading.

This year’s club is going to be — you guessed it — just a little bit different than every other year. Although we won’t have in-library drop-ins for children the way we usually do, we’ll still be offering many opportunities for readers to connect with books and with other readers.

Being the best day of the week, Fridays at 9:30 a.m. will be Game Days — with live games, Kahoot! quizzes, challenges, and more!

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