Choosing game-based tools for learning, assessment and family fun

Games offer students choice, while giving educators access to data that allows them to adjust lessons accordingly.DA District Administration Logo

It has been a challenging few weeks for educators as we make the shift to remote instruction and try to find the right balance and leverage the right tools to meet our students’ needs.

There are many resources out there—from learning communities on Facebook that formed to support educators during school closures to the #remotelearning hashtag on Twitter and the ISTE community. Educational organizations and ed-tech companies have also come together to offer their resources and support to educators, students and families.

Kahoot!: A favorite of educators and students, Kahoot! is now offering free access to Premium Kahoot! There are thousands of games in the library covering a variety of topics for different grade levels. It is easy to share self-paced Kahoots with students for remote learning, and students can challenge family and friends to a game and use Zoom or another similar platform to play the game together.

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