Classes in the cloud

The New Indian Express logoTeachers expand their digital skills during school closures with Kahoot!

Although sudden and unwelcome, the online experience has been a challenging yet enjoyable process for a few teachers like A Mumtaz and Urmila Sengupta* who’ve taken this as an opportunity to get familiar with the technology. The former, a teacher with a CBSE school, handles Accountancy for classes 11 and 12. “Ours was one of the first few schools to implement online classes from the beginning of April. Every day is a learning process and my digital knowledge has increased drastically since day one. We’ve been trained to use innovative apps such as Kahoot! for creating quizzes, Canva to come up with catchy posters and logos, Jamboard, a digital board, to offer collaborative experience, and Mentimeter for interactive presentations. If not now, when will we get to experiment with all this,” says Mumtaz.

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