Communication flowing in virtual offseason

Houston Texans logoHouston Texans play Kahoot! quizzes to keep their training and teamwork active.

The 2020 Texans still haven’t assembled in person, but that hasn’t prevented them from communicating in a productive way.

Since April 27, the team has been meeting in a virtual setting to get prepared for the season. Via Zoom, Discord, Kahoot and some other methods of talking, the Texans have conducted their offseason program online. According to tight end Jordan Akins, there’s “”been a lot of communication””, and the screen time together has proven to be fruitful.

“The players have been great,” O’Brien said. “We’ve been able to Zoom, we’ve been able to use Discord and we’ve been able to use Kahoot, which is a testing mechanism, which has been great. We’ve had 100 percent attendance. Our players have all been on these calls and our coaches have been excited.”

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