Coronavirus: Best games to play on Zoom, Houseparty and FaceTime video chats

Yahoo! FinanceFamilies and friends stay connected from home with Kahoot! pub quizzes.

Dani Ball, a 22-year-old from Nottingham who lives and works in London, came up with the idea of hosting a pub quiz after finding herself unexpectedly self-isolated for two weeks and craving social contact.

Puja Kotecha, a digital PR specialist from Nottingham, also took part in a pub quiz with her cousins, with some participants joining in from as far as Texas in the US.

Her cousin Rina put together a list of pub quiz topics using learning app Kahoot!, which the whole family has downloaded on their phones. The categories include Disney, maths, the royal family and science.

“It is giving us a way to all be together in these crazy times even though we cannot see each other. As first cousins we are all so close and regularly make time for each other to hang out,” Puja says.

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