COVID-19 to fuel next wave of innovation for education sector

BW Education logoKahoot! helps schools track students’ progress and understand their learning needs

Technology is an integral part of this new reality, upending current educational practices, models, and processes. Digitization of education was already underway before the pandemic, but the crisis has accelerated the transformation. Perhaps, education is the only sector which holds the maximum potential for such a transformation.

Another challenge for teachers is how to continue to engage students and keep an eye on their progress from afar. For teachers, classroom assessments are integral to assess the effectiveness of the teaching strategies, plan for future teaching-learning activities, keep track of individual learner’s progress and provide useful feedback for improvement.

Platforms like Kahoot!, Hot Potato, edpuzzle and Google Classroom are used extensively by schools like HVB Global Academy in Mumbai to help keep track of students’ performance remotely. For them, these platforms have proved to be significant in assessing the learners’ progress and understanding their learning needs.

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