Davenport University offers free virtual workshop to help PreK-12 teachers enhance online instruction

Yahoo! FinanceThis university’s free virtual workshop introduces teachers to Kahoot!

Davenport University announced today that it is offering Michigan PreK-12 teachers a free virtual workshop, based on a graduate-level course, to support the creation of online coursework for their students. The program addresses barriers and challenges teachers face when providing instruction online and helps them create a virtual learning map for effective online PreK-12 instruction.

The workshop will walk teachers through digital platform options for learning and assessment and will facilitate the development of instructional practices to engage and assist learners in connecting with course content. The program will offer three 2-hour sessions covering three specific topics:

– Session 1: Tools of the Trade – Interact with digital tools that foster immersive and diverse online learning experiences. PreK-12 teachers will tour tools for collaboration and discussion; assessment and feedback; and captivation and creation. Digital Tools of the Trade within this workshop include, but are not limited to, Google Drive, Seesaw, Kahoot!, Pear Deck, GooseChase EDU, and Popplet.

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